Front-End Developer

  • The team: team of professionals and professionals-to-be, working on a various large and innovative information systems. Each product has its own team of developers, architects, analysts, UI/UX designers, project managers and etc. Usually one team consists from 5 up to 20 team members. A flat organizational structure of Asseco enables high ownership level, fast knowledge sharing and very positive environment.

    Your role: shape your skills as a Front-End Developer, working with complex and unique IT products. You will learn from others, you will mentor others and your team will be like an R&D Powerhouse with many innovative ideas transformed into code. We can promise, that you will spend most time writing code, and just few hours in the meetings per week. So you will be able to grow your skills very fast and the team that you will be working in will always be well balanced: there’s always a QA role, Business Analyst, System Architect and a Project Manager in the team (not mentioning your fellow developers).

    Your future tasks:
    • Define, design, implement, and test software applications using various front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern frameworks like Angular, React.js or Vue.js.
    • Ensure designs align with larger architecture objectives.
    • Collaborate with team members on design discussions and decisions.
    • Provide feedback to cross-functional teams to continuously improve product quality and development efficiency.
    • Perform code and design reviews with other team members.
    • Work closely with User Experience (UX) specialists to identify, design, and implement the user interface portions of the Asseco applications.
    • Be a team player – You are not alone, someone will always offer a helping hand.
    • HTML/CSS, experience with CSS frameworks.
    • Experience with at least one of popular front-end frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js). Note: our Front-End Developers are using Angular.
    • Debugging skills using browser tools.
    • Ability to work with RESTful APIs and GraphQL.
    • Knowledge of browser compatibility issues and solutions.
    • Experience with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, GitLab).
    • Experience with Git and GitHub/GitLab.
    • Ability to collaborate effectively with back-end developers, designers and other team members.
    • Ability to work in teams using version control systems (branching, merging, pull requests).
    • Proactive in finding new technologies and developing innovative solutions by trying out latest tools.
    • Grow personally and professionally in an international environment.
    • Projects and products that will uncover your best abilities to grow further.
    • Different teams, different people to work with.
    • Vast number of technologies to be learned.
    • Salary from 3300 to 5500 Eur before taxes or more.
    • Career opportunities with many career success stories in your team.
    • Flexible work hours.
    • Hybrid or remote working option. 1 day per week in the office would be great, but not necessary.
    • Health insurance package.
    • Role in a company with all the benefits of a global business.
    • Parking near the office.

    Indigroup is an executive and specialist search company, whose quality of services is becoming a benchmark in Baltic states. Our client is Asseco Lietuva, which is a part of Asseco Group.

    Asseco Lietuva, UAB (Asseco Lithuania) is a software development and system integration company, belonging to Asseco Group, which is the largest IT group in Central and Eastern Europe. Asseco Group employs more than 33.000 people in 60 countries and more than 5,400 of employees are working especially with R&D.

    Asseco Lithuania has more than 230 employees. Asseco Lithuania develops information systems, software and specialized software solutions for automation of company business processes.

    Main company’s business fields:

    • Development, modernization or support of various large scale and innovative information systems.
    • Development of own Asseco products for document and process management.

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