Product Lead (Wellness & Health)

Indigroup is an executive and specialist search company, whose quality of services is becoming a benchmark in Baltic states. Our client is a digital health company Kilo.Health. The goal of Kilo.Health is to prove that being healthy can be joyful – entertaining rather than suffering. The main markets of Kilo.Health are USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico & UK. The company was founded 5 years ago and it took a while to find its niche. Though Kilo.Health did it and now it strives to be the leader in the wellness category globally. Don’t wish Kilo luck, come work with Kilo team to see it happen.

Currently, Kilo.Health is successfully running 10 different products in the health industry which acquire thousands of daily new customers globally. Company’s digital products, including web applications as well as mobile apps, consist of diet planners, customizable meal recipe generators, personalized exercising schedules & other exciting ideas that are still in the making.

#6 markets

Kilo Network is expanding in 6 markets: USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico & UK


Kilo.Health is working on 10 wellness/mindfulness industry products globally

Darbo pobūdis

Kilo.Health product team consists of 9 product leads and the captain – CPO. Your teammates are working with digital wellness/mindfullness products, digital/hardcover books, apps and ground operations. IT, support, marketing and creative departments will work in collaboration with you.

Get Ready To:

  • Create & launch web and/or app-based products from scratch.
  • A/B test like crazy.
  • Compete with global players and grow ROI positive business by collaborating with tech & marketing teams.
  • Work closely with top-notch pros in UX, Dev and Marketing to take your product to market.

Įmonė siūlo

  • Full set of perks including a hot tub in a terrace, workations (pity you missed Bali already) as well as taxi & gym monthly budgets.
  • IN-HOUSE CHEF: two times per week our chef Tomas will treat you with a luxury lunch. Paella, ramen, burgers – you name it, he cooks it.
  • WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER – Kilo.Health team couldn’t handle to party every time we reach our KPIs, so they stick to approximately once per month. On the other hand, the office never runs out of drinks & snacks to party every day – can you handle it?
  • DAY-OFF CARD: The headline says it all. You don’t need an explanation if you’re having a tough day or had a tough party last night. Though use it with caution!
  • WOLT FOR LATE-WORKERS: Got to stay up late? You deserve to order whatever you want.
  • Your preferred hardware and software stack.
  • Salary from 2000 to 3500 EUR after taxes or even more if you have already launched a successful IT based product into international market. It depends of your gathered experience.
  • Fridge full of food: new ideas in the shopping list are always welcome. What’s your favorite snack?
  • Enjoy a starter pack with our merch, monthly office parties, games zone with foosball, PS4 & VR.
  • Any learning content subscriptions (lynda, laracast, etc).
  • Informal communication. We are not a corporate office, we are digital punks.
  • Many mistakes though never the same mistake twice. Kilo team experiments – a lot, since no one has ever done what Kilo is doing.
  • Digital products in the health industry which acquires thousands of daily new customers globally.
  • Weekly new introductions. Kilo team grows faster than construction workers are breaking the walls to expand our office.
  • Feel excited already? It’s Kilo’s daily emotion.


We expect you to:

  • Have experience in building and/or leading (un)successful products.
  • Be sharp-minded and results-driven.
  • Be ambitious dreamer.
  • Have a consumer-centric view with a proven track-record of developing and acting on customer insights.
  • Be business oriented with a proven track record in monetizing new digital products.
  • Data-minded whenever possible. You deeply understand how products work and how to measure long-term impact. You know every step of the funnel.
  • Have attention to details and perfect time management skills.
  • Have ability to prioritize.
  • Have no fear of failing.
  • Never kill the vibe.

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Karolis Blaževičius

+370 654 74958

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