Mid. or Senior .NET Developer

Indigroup is an executive and specialist search company, whose quality of services is becoming a benchmark in Baltic states. Our client is a software development and payment card authorization solutions provider ASHBURN International.

Today, software development and payment card authorization solutions are the main area of ASHBURN International activities. The range of services includes installation, updating, and maintenance of software solutions adapted to different manufacturers and types of payment terminals. The company also provides billing services in the Baltic States and other regions.

The innovative software solution TransLink.iQ developed by ASHBURN International has worldwide recognition as one of the best in its field. This software package provides for POS networks monitoring, management, and transaction processing. It guarantees operative and safe transactions conducted by VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, and other payment cards.

At the moment we are looking for an experienced mid. or senior level .NET Developer with a successful track record in working with complex internal and client faced systems within a team of talented developers.


You will be the 11th member of the team.


The company is maintaining more than 30,000+ POS terminals

Your product:

Your team will work with innovative software solution TransLink.iQ

36 members

The whole team of Ashburn International in Lithuania consists of 36 members

Darbo pobūdis

The team

You will work in a team of 10 developers: your fellow .NET developers, QA testers, team of analysts and project managers.

The product: TransLink.iQ

Job description:

  • Development of information systems software, including electronic payments, loyalty systems, databases, user interfaces.
  • Work in the SCRUM team.
  • Communicate with fellow developers as well as with non-technical team members.
  • Define, prototype and implement solutions as well as support a number of existing applications.
  • Participate in the development of customer facing applications.
  • Actively participate in the definition of both functional and non-functional requirements for application change.
  • Produce high quality code and unit test deliverables, and assist in integration and acceptance testing efforts.
  • Ensure full compliance to Payments standards and practices.

Įmonė siūlo

  • Additional incentives and opportunities to improve qualifications at the employer’s expense (training, business trips, etc.).
  • Work in a modern, strategically convenient office.
  • Salary from 4200 EUR before taxes for an early stage mid. developer to 5800 EUR before taxes or more for a senior level developer.
  • Access to additional sports (fitness equipment, group activities, table tennis), entertainment (computer games) and leisure areas in the office.
  • Company-owned cafe services.
  • Access to the company library, with regularly updated stock in accordance with the needs of the employees.
  • Work in a friendly, positive team.
  • Traditional company events, trips, etc. (summer feast, winter feast, weekend trips, conferences for team building).
  • Special benefits for employees (Children’s Day in the company, company’s periodic breakfast, fruits every Monday, food and snack vending machine, special birthday gifts etc.)
  • Flexible working schedule with remote work availability.


  • Experience in developing .NET Core applications is a must.
  • Experience in developing Web applications, HTML, Javascript, CSS user interfaces (Front End part would take about 15% of your time so it’s definitely more of a Back End role).
  • An open-minded team player and a good listener.
  • Recognise the importance of constructive criticism and feedback.
  • Strong attention to detail.


  • SQL DB competencies (MS SQL server, PostgreSQL).
  • CI / CD competencies (configuration management, test automation).
  • Competencies (microservices, serverless, event-driven, reactive).
  • Competencies in TCP / IP, Multithreading applications.
  • Competence in data / object compression realization.
  • Cryptographic knowledge (operation, application).

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Karolis Blaževičius

+370 654 74958

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