Top changes among company managers in 2021 in Lithuania

The most prominent changes among company managers in 2021: storms at state-owned companies.

2022 01 06

In 2021, the public sector was the most turbulent, with the departure of around ten top company managers of major state-owned enterprises, institutions and municipalities. Some were forced out for political reasons, others turned to the private sector or simply finished their term in office. As every year, private companies were not spared from the changes. It has become a tradition that the CEOs of Achema Group and Vilniaus prekyba change at least once a year. In addition, new CEOs also took the helm of the two largest Scandinavian banks operating in Lithuania.

Experts note that the first year of a change of political government always sees more changes in the management of state-owned companies. The last year was no exception. Karolis Blaževičius, head of recruitment consultancy Indigroup, told 15min that although it is not a bad thing to change company managers who do not achieve their goals. The new government should give a probationary period, and dismissals should not be based on political motives. This, he said, is often what is missing.

However, the departure of the managers of the above-mentioned state-owned enterprises is only a small part of the changes that will take place in 2021. Last year also saw the departure of more well-known, long-standing executives, both in the public and private sector. 15min takes a look at the most notable changes and the reasons behind them.

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