We‘ve just turned 13!

We started our recruitment company in 2010 and have always kept our focus on our favourite recruitment field.

In the Baltic market.

We work in the Baltic market and consider it our home. Many of our clients also have offices in the Baltics, so having a single recruitment company allows them to execute fast turnover projects and ensure the highest quality regardless of the country. Differences in markets lead to small differences in recruitment projects from country to country, so the client always receives a market-specific proposal for the selection process, with different publicity channels, other databases, reference search participants, etc.

*The map shows the number of staff selected until 2024.

How do we work?

Our specialisation

Dedicated recruitment project managers based on the area of the position sought. We believe that specialisation ensures quality, so IT specialists should be selected by an IT project manager and finance managers by a finance specialist. At the same time, our dedicated recruitment project managers make public announcements, are known in the media and generate positive awareness of the specific field, which helps us to work with candidates with specific specialisations.

Full package

Full service package only – we do not split the recruitment project into parts and only work on full recruitment projects where the client gets the most value. Our recruitment and selection always consists of headhunting, reference searches, particularly extensive public searches and searches in specialised groups, while all our selection projects are backed by a guarantee.

Clear results

Clear results – we compile statistics every year and each selection project is thoroughly evaluated on a variety of indicators. Before each selection project, we give the client a clear indication of the future result: number of candidates, average remuneration, etc. The client always knows exactly what to expect, but with each new selection project we try to improve the statistics of the candidates offered by testing new selection models.


Guarantee – We provide a guarantee or insurance for all selections, which shows that we are committed to a long-term result. This shows the client that we test each candidate by measuring their long-term prospects in the client’s company.

Who chooses us?


Those looking for challenging positions

if the position is rare or if the professionals are highly valued in the labour market, we particularly appreciate the challenge. Many of our clients are looking for hard-to-find positions, where professionals are passive on the labour market and require specific knowledge and persistence to headhunt them.


Businesses performing in-house recruitment

we often take over existing searches from in-house corporate HR departments. These selections have the unique problem of not having to start from the beginning. We are interested in such selection projects because the client has already evaluated some of the candidates, has drawn conclusions and can accurately formulate the task for us.


For those who want confidentiality in recruitment

we are comfortable managing high confidentiality recruitment projects. We have proven confidentiality standards and a long track record of confidential recruitment projects for both professionals and C-level executives.


Looking to double the number of suitable candidates

we manage an extremely large database of all levels of employees, so we can offer clients a large number of suitable candidates, which is usually at least double the number of candidates compared to our clients’ previous recruitment projects.


Looking for a solution for the entire recruitment process from A to Z

we work on the complete recruitment process and do not split the process into small parts, so the client always receives a complete package of services from the creation of a value package for the position to the final presentation of candidates, negotiation and recruitment.


Looking for a long-term partner with guarantees

our recruitment services always come with a guarantee period, so any position search is carried out with the knowledge that even an unsuccessful candidate will be replaced free of charge.

We are a strategic partner helping develop two lines of business:

DEEM is a proprietary methodology for assessing employer climate. We are a strategic partner with full rights to the methodology in the Baltic states, and a direct investor in its development in Europe.

Chorus is an employer branding agency. We have been part of the assessment panel since the agency’s inception and help the largest businesses in the Baltics to take a critical look at their employer image.

Frequently asked questions

Does Indigroup work throughout Lithuania?

Indigroup’s selection area covers Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Although Indigroup’s office in Lithuania is based in Vilnius, we carry out recruitment projects throughout Lithuania. We also recruit without a location parameter, i.e. when the person you are looking for can live anywhere in Lithuania.

How many selections can Indigroup make at one time?

Indigroup can carry out a maximum of 30 different position selections per country at any one time, e.g. in Lithuania. Usually some of the positions are similar, so the total number of simultaneous selections may be higher.

Is there a guarantee for Indigroup services?

Yes, a guarantee is an essential attribute of our recruitment services, so we provide a guarantee or insurance for all recruitment projects without exception, during which we replace an unsuccessful candidate with a new one free of charge.

What positions Indigroup is recruiting for?

Indigroup recruits professionals, high-level professionals, middle managers and C-level executives. Indigroup does not recruit support staff or lower level staff in the hall, production, kitchen, sales and production areas. We believe that specialisation adds quality to our services, so we only recruit employees at the highest and most senior levels.

Can we contact Indigroup for confidential recruitments?

Yes, Indigroup carries out confidential recruitments. In total, around 30% of all Indigroup recruitments are completely confidential and we only reach out to candidates through direct contact, not through public messaging. Confidential recruitments do not reveal the identity of the employer until the employer themselves confirm that they wishes to communicate directly with approved candidates.

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