Sustainability management tasks for 2022

Sustainability managers’ tasks for 2022: from employer image to packaging impact assessment.

2022 03 18

The position of sustainability professional, although still relatively new, is already gaining ground. But the scope of the job can be very broad. From improving the diversity of the workforce and their conditions, to finding solutions to please customers looking for sustainable products. The need for sustainability competences in Lithuania is felt not only by large companies, but also by medium-sized and public sector companies. As regulations and laws change, this need is likely to grow.

Different competences

According to him, the position of a sustainability manager is very broad. And there is no clear structure of sustainability departments or units in Lithuania yet, it is still in the process of formation. Therefore, there is still a lot of uncertainty and experimentation in this area. And different competences can be expected from the same person with the same title.

“One company is looking for a person to take care of ecological sustainability. Often these companies’ activities affect the environment in one way or another, so environmental solutions and similar issues are very important in the eyes of their customers and employees. There are others that need a sustainability specialist in human resources management to look after working conditions, diversity and inclusion. It is difficult for one person to have both HR and environmental competences, so they are often different specialists, which in larger companies may be led by a single sustainability manager,” says K. Blaževičius, Head of Indigroup, UAB, discussing a possible structure

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