What is career counseling?

Individual career counseling is a comprehensive session for anyone who wants to advance their career in their current field of work or to make a substantial change in their current field of work. A career counsellor must work in HR, or even better, specialise in recruitment. In this case, the individual value of career counseling is the highest.


Duration and cost of career counseling

Practice shows that career counseling requires concentration to process a large amount of information, which is difficult to maintain over time.

The average duration of career counseling is

1,5 hours.*

*we organise individual career counseling as the last meeting of the working day, so that the full focus is on the counseling.

Consultation price:

240 EUR*

*the cost of the counseling session does not depend on the duration of the counseling session.

6 benefits 

Why do I need career advice?

  • I plan to change jobs within six months
  • I had a job interview two years ago or more
  • I have had less than five job interviews
  • I don’t get enough of feedback after job interviews
  • My CV is over three years old
  • I need help with a specific selection competition

How do I prepare for an Indigroup career counseling session?

 Don’t be afraid of criticism.

Indigroup’s career counsellors look for mistakes to comment on and how to avoid them. In individual career counseling, we don’t shy away from rational and improvement-oriented criticism, which is extremely useful.

Prepare your questions

Although Indigroup’s individual career counseling is characterised by a large number of questions, individual questions that are relevant to a specific situation or person are always welcome.

Have the latest version of your CV

CV proofreading is part of the counseling, so we always ask for the latest version of your CV before a career counseling session.

Be motivated to put effort into the job search

Yes, Indigroup career counsellors can map out all the steps towards the desired position, but implementing them is part of every jobseeker’s motivation.

Career Counsellors

Karolis Blaževičius

Managing Partner at Indigroup
>10 years of experience in career counseling

Incorporator and Managing Partner at Indigroup, a top-ranking specialist and executive search company, since 2010, and a Partner at Chorus employer branding agency since 2015. In his pursuit to ensure the highest quality HR management services, Karolis supervises confidential and complex top-ranked executive search and selection projects, dealing with the largest employer branding companies in the Baltic states.

In addition, Karolis Blaževičius is an independent labour market expert and plays an important role when forming public opinion about changes in the Lithuanian labour market, wage level forecasts, occupational perspectives and innovations in employer branding. The expert is a participant at annual HR conferences and gives seminars and lectures to top-ranked executives. Karolis Blaževičius advises both large employers and new investors in Lithuania on the peculiarities of the labour market, employer branding, personnel selection and HR management.

The expert’s most important job is to introduce top managers and professionals to companies in the Baltics offering long-term prospects through strategic recruitment projects, as well as to carry out employer branding research and manage employer branding strategies for companies.


Ramūnas Volkovas

Managing Partner at Indigroup
>10 years of experience in career counseling

Managing Partner of Indigroup, a top-ranking specialist and executive search company, and a Partner at Chorus, an employer branding agency. Since 2010, he has been working with confidential, direct recruitment projects in the Baltic states and counseling businesses on personnel selection and personnel development issues. Ramūnas also actively participates in educational programmes for different social groups and conducts workshops, discussions and lectures.

Areas of expertise: HR management, labour market forecast management, employer branding and organisational climate assessment. Ramūnas Volkovas represents the largest Baltic companies in top-ranked executive search and selection projects and is the main leader of employer branding projects at Chorus employer branding agency.


Frequently asked questions

Who registers for career counseling most often?

Career counseling is actively attended by specialists, heads of departments and company managers. Career counseling can make all the difference in the long term, so a professional pointed in the right direction can become a manager in the future, and a manager can have a successful career in a larger and more promising company.

Is it worth attending a career counseling session if I'm already in the selection process?

Yes, a large part of the career counseling session is intended specifically for attending job interviews and other parts of the recruitment project. A career counsellor will help you to understand what mistakes you have already made and will use real-life examples to illustrate potentially challenging selection situations that are still ahead of you and for which you can prepare yourself. Often, different advice on job interviews from many different sources can cause confusion, so having a career counsellor already involved in the selection process will help you achieve better results.

How often should I attend a career counseling session?

Half of all those who have taken part in an Indigroup career counseling session ask for further counseling. This is because the job market moves, the structure of job interviews changes and you need to attend job interviews almost every month to keep your knowledge fresh. Unfortunately, this is neither possible nor necessary when you are working, which is what the career counseling service is for. We always recommend that you take part in a career counseling session before you decide to change jobs. This usually happens every 3-5 years, and more often in some positions.

How does career counseling affect your job search?

This usually depends on the candidate’s level of preparation for the job search. The competitive environment for well-paid, interesting positions offered by a good employer is intense, so it’s all in the details. Individual career counseling covers the whole job search from A to Z, so even a candidate who is very strong in job interviews will get advice on their weaknesses, such as CV content, career planning, financial expectations and market matching, etc.

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